Picture of banana roadside market in rural Uganda.Picture of IITA DG Nteranya Sanginga (left) and former Nigerian President Olasegun Obasanjo (wearing blue headdress) with some government officials and partnersPicture of DG N Sanginga (IITA) (in the middle), talking about the importance of engaging the youth in agribusiness.Picture of the DNA sequence information will support efforts to provide farmers with high yielding varieties with resistance to diseases such as the deadly cassava brown streak disease (CBSD)which gives the roots a dry hard rot.
  Our strategic vision
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IITA 2012-2020 Refreshed
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  Our research programs
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We conduct research on the following thematic areas: Biotechnology and genetic improvement, Natural resource management.

  Our genebank
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IITA’s genebank holds plant material (germplasm) of major food crops of Africa. This germplasm is held in trust on behalf of humanity under the auspices of the United Nations.

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This 6-monthly magazine promotes dialogue among IITA and its partners.
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