IITA Graduate Scholarship Program (GSP)

The Research for Development Council of IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria, invites outstanding students of agriculture and related sciences from sub-Saharan African countries to compete for a limited number of postgraduate scholarships. Through this initiative, which is aimed at expanding the corps of agricultural scientists in the region, IITA seeks to further strengthen the research capacity of NARES in sub-Saharan Africa.

Eligibility: The postgraduate scholarship program is open to nationals of sub-Saharan African countries. Candidates for an MSc scholarship must have a BSc or an equivalent degree while candidates for a PhD scholarship must have an MSc or an equivalent degree, in relevant agricultural sciences. Employees of non-governmental organizations, private sector organizations, universities as well as employees of national agricultural research institutes are encouraged to apply. IITA is an equal opportunity employer and particularly welcomes applications from women candidates.

Duration: MSc scholarship – 2 years; PhD scholarship – 3 years.

Registration:Tenable in universities in African countries. Preference is given to candidates who have secured admission to a university.

Research topic and location: Successful candidates will conduct research in an area pertinent to IITA's research agenda and their country's agricultural development interest. They will be required to carry out their field research in an IITA project under the supervision of senior IITA scientists. The IITA research agenda addresses crop improvement, plant health, and resource and crop management within a farming systems framework. Research focuses on smallholder cropping systems in the humid tropics of Africa and on the following major food crops: cassava, maize, plantain and banana, yam, cowpea, and soybean.

Benefits: Cost of travel to and from the host university; cost of travel to and from the IITA research location where the research will be undertaken; tuition fees; operational costs of research, allowances (for living expenses, books and thesis production); and a provision for insurance and medical expenses both at the host university and the research location.

How to Apply:  Applicants are advised to follow instructions relevant to  specific advertisement. For further information please visit IITA-Training home page at  www.iita.org/training/

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