IITA in Benin

IITA Benin Republic station was established in 1985 as a research and training base. The station houses a biodiversity center which is the largest and the best curated collection of insects in West Africa, insectaries with mass production of arthropod biological control agents for release into diverse agro-ecosystems, an IPM outreach unit which engages in capacity building,participatory technology testing and strong in house career development efforts, an agron (socio)-economics unit with particular focus on value chain analysis, to mention a few.

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Quick Facts

  Capital: Porto-Novo

  Currency: CFA franc

  Area (total): 112,760 km2

  Population: 10.87 million (2016)

  IITA staff: 8


IITA’s mandate crops in Benin are:
Cowpea, Banana & Plantain, Maize (corn), Soybean and Yam

Contact us

Reach our Benin Office the following channels:

  Manuele Tamo

  Insect Ecologist and Country Representative

  +229 6418 1313


  Cotonou, Littoral Department, Republic of Benin