IITA in Burundi

Agriculture is the largest driver of the economy and the Government of Burundi has initiated and hosted several agricultural development projects to which IITA has contributed. IITA has been present in Burundi as far back as the 1980s and has since then achieved important results, mainly in relation to the uptake of improved germplasm, capacity development, and pest and disease management.

Burundi lies land-locked in the African Great Lakes region, sharing borders with Rwanda, Tanzania, and DR Congo to the north, east and south, and west respectively. With a population of 10,864,245 and land mass of 25,680 km 2, Burundi has a high population density of about 423 P/Km2.

Quick Facts

  Capital: Bujumbura

  Currency: Burundian franc (FBu) (BIF)

  Area (total): 25,680 km 2

  Population: 10,864,245 (2017)

  IITA staff: 11


IITA’s mandate crops in Burundi are:
Banana and Cassava

Contact us

Reach our Burundi Office the following channels:

  Emmanuel Njukwe

  CIALCA Associate Scientist and Country representative

  +257 77734708


  10, Avenue du 18 Septembre, Quartier Kabondo, Zone Rohero, Commune Mukaza, BP 7180, Bujumbura, Burundi