Community action in improving the quality of farmer saved seed yam (CAY-seed)

The focus of the project is to improve the quality of small holder farmer saved seed yam and its productivity at community level through positive selection, integrated crop management practices (to control viruses and nematodes), and capacity building for increased food security and poverty reduction in Ghana and Nigeria.


The broad project objectives are to:
  1. Test positive selection and seed yam treatment, in increasing the quality of farmer-saved seed and improved storage for seed yam.
  2. Improve soil and crop management practices to avoid spread of diseases and pests.
  3. Assess the rate of seed yam quality degeneration.
  4. Assess the social dynamics of community behavior change in yam production practices.


Beatrice Aighewi

Project duration

Start: 20 November 2014
End: 30 July 2018

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