Consolidation of the Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System in West Africa (ReSAKSS-WA Phase II)

The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity for strategic analysis and knowledge management of the agricultural sector among African regional and national partners.

The project will support ECOWAS member countries to establish a national SAKSS node in support of the implementation of their National Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP) in the context of CAADP. The country nodes will, among others, build a strong M&E system and carry out studies to inform the implementation process of the NAIP. Similar activities will be carried out at the regional level to support specifically the Regional Agricultural Investment Plan (RAIP) and in general the ECOWAS Department in charge of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources.


Building on the achievements of the first phase, the overall project objectives of the second phase of ReSAKSS are threefold:

  • Consolidation and repositioning of ReSAKSS as the leading knowledge platform for agricultural policy planning and implementation in Africa;
  • Full operationalization at country level of the monitoring and evaluation system (M&E); and
  • Adequate technical assistance for the establishment and operation of country SAKSS nodes.


Mbaye Yade

Project duration

Start: 01 October 2004
End: 31 December 2017

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