Development and Delivery of Sustainable Integrated Pest Management Strategies in Cowpea for West Africa

The primary output of this project is a prototype ‘precision Integrated Pest Management (IPM)’ platform for small-holder farmers and extension personnel which focuses on a single critical pest (podborer Maruca vitrata) in Benin for the proof-of-concept phase. This platform will be designed for scaling up to include other major cowpeas pests and to achieve long-term, large-scale, and sustainable impact on cowpea productivity for smallholder farmers throughout West Africa.


This project seeks to develop the initial foundation for a highly scalable precision Integrated Pest Management (IPM) platform, applying digital tools to IPM approaches.
  • Development of a prototype Expert System (ES) for modeling pest attack combined with a Farmer Interface Application (FIA) that has the potential for both receiving data and delivering pest control recommendations
  • Experimental releases of biological control agents and assessment of their effectiveness
  • Completion of ex ante economic and financial analyses to estimate the potential impact of biologicals with complementary financial analysis of community biopesticide production


Manuele Tamo

Project duration

Start: 01 August 2014
End: 31 May 2017

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