Improvement of banana for smallholder farmers in the Great Lakes Region of Africa


The project has been structured around five strategic goals and one management goal:

  1. Banana breeding pipeline: Enhanced performance of banana breeding systems in ECA to deliver improved East African highland bananas with increased levels of pest and disease resistance, higher yields, and better consumer acceptability.
  2. Pest and disease control: Enhanced host plant resistance to major pest and disease constraints through improved pathogen identification and accelerated early stage screening of resistance.
  3. Leveraging genetics: Improved breeding efficiency through molecular-based genetic studies for increased understanding of underlying genetics and development of DNA marker-based early selection.
  4. Empowering end-user evaluation: System for better tailoring breeding products and increasing adoption of new cultivars through end-user feedback systems and participatory evaluation of improved banana germplasm.
  5. Harnessing data: Driving improved efficiency of breeding systems and enhanced synergy in national, regional, and global partnership through an open-source database and tool box for banana breeders and researchers.
  6. Governance, research oversight, and management: Coordinating breeding efforts integration, capacity building, communication, and dissemination undertakings, and to ensure the long-term project impacts, through embedding breeding and research planning, and review in a users’ perspective forcing all in the research-for-development process into an adoption-orientated focus.


Daniel Coyne

Project duration

Start: 30 September 2014
End: 29 September 2019

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