NextGen Phytosanitation: Rapid elimination of viruses from RTB plants for crop improvement and seed systems

The research project involves a two-pronged approach to significantly decrease the time needed for detection and phytosanitary cleaning of clonal plant material.


The approach for the project centers on the streamlining of the phytosanitary cleaning process and providing rapid and reliable confirmation of the disease-free status of plants in both the lab and the field by:

  1. Optimizing virus cleaning of planting material: o Accelerating the development of virus-free, in-vitro plantlets o Testing antiviral compounds as an additive in growth media to accelerate the production of virus-free plantlets
  2. Accelerating the diagnosis of viruses in planting material o Optimizing small RNA sequencing and assembly (sRSA) methodology in sweetpotato, yam, and cassava o Proof of field-efficacy of the QuickChip technology for detection of specific viral diseases in sweetpotato, yam and cassava.


Lava Kumar

Project duration

Start: 30 September 2016
End: 30 August 2019

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