Reviving Agricultural Research for Development in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The overall objective of this project is to facilitate INERA in regaining its agricultural R4D leadership role in DR Congo with full support from major stakeholder groups and linked to the CAADP and CRP priorities and alignment process. The Government of DRC, through the Prime Minister (PM) office, has set up a competitive Small Grants Program (SGP) for an innovative project on three agriculture research main themes; crops, fisheries, and livestock. Funding will be managed by an independent and international CG center. The research is expected to be innovative on variety development, processing, and production at farmer’s level.

The project will also train young scientists from the DRC in R4D skills which ultimately will have an impact on agricultural productivity and also lead to postgraduate degrees for successful scientists.


The goals of this project are:

  1. Forum: To provide a provincial forum for agricultural research institutions to interact with major stakeholders for the identification of priority interventions in the crop, fisheries, and livestock sector.
  2. Action research: To implement priority R4D interventions in cooperation with national universities, INERA, CRPs, farmer associations, and other stakeholders, using state-of-the-art approaches.
  3. Documentation: To document and analyze results obtained, with a specific focus on peer-reviewed journal articles.
  4. Policy advice: To communicate important R4D findings to national and provincial policy-makers and other interested stakeholder groups.
  5. Degree-related training: To provide targeted degree-related training to agricultural research institutions such as INERA, universities with co-supervision from Congolese Universities and CGIAR centers.


Nzola-Meso Mahungu

Project duration

Start: 29 June 2017
End: 31 December 2017

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