Systemwide Program on Integrated Pest Management (SP-IPM)

Integrated Pest Management is an approach to enhancing crop and livestock production, based on an understanding of ecological principles, that empowers farmers to promote the health of crops and animals within a well-balanced agro-ecosystem, making full use of available technologies, especially host resistance, biological control, and cultural control methods.

Our goal is to evaluate the microbial quality and toxin contamination of diverse dried fruit and vegetable products in the Sudan Savanna regions of West Africa and their impact on food security and income generation.

Specific outcomes are to:

  • Promote inter-institutional partnerships (break isolation barriers) for increased effectiveness of IPM research and outreach.
  • Develop/promote holistic and ecological approaches/methodologies for IPM technology development and harmonize these across localities.
  • Develop/promote effective communication and learning models for informed IPM decision making leading to higher, sustainable and healthier harvests.
  • Promote policy environment more favorable to the development and application of IPM strategies for sustainable agriculture.
  • Foster broader awareness of the impact and benefits of IPM leading to the wider adoption of more sustainable crop protection strategies.


Dr. Hoeschle-Zeledon, Irmgard

Project duration

End: 05 March 2017

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