Tuendelee Pamoja II (TP II)

To improve food and income security of vulnerable households in South Kivu and Tanganyika provinces , Tuendelee Pamoja II seeks to ensure the adoption of principles and practices of Climate Smart Agriculture by utilizing Farmer-Leader Groups in the Participatory Agricultural Cascade Extension model. As in Tuendelee Pamoja I, this project will continue to work with relevant research and government institutions to disseminate improved varieties. The project will also work with farmers and communities for the adoption of appropriate natural resource management and improved agronomic practices and introduce animal power to increase cultivated land areas and reduce the burden on women who have the responsibility to till the land.


The project’s goal is ensure Improved Livelihood of Vulnerable Households in South Kivu and Tanganyika of DRC. This goal will be met by achieving the following objectives:
  1. Improved crop and livestock productivity and storage
  2. Increased Household Income


Bernard Vanlauwe

Project duration

Start: 30 September 2016
End: 30 July 2021

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