Tepa-Yotto, Ghislain

Visiting Scientist

Email: g.tepa-Yotto@cgiar.org
Tel: +229 64181313, +229 64181414, Ext. 336
Nationality: Beninese
Station: Benin

Photo of Ghislain Tepa-Yotto
Ghislain Tepa-Yotto, a Beninese citizen, is currently at IITA as a Visiting Scientist who is coordinating efforts to the newly established IRCCCA/CIRACC hosted at IITA-Cotonou. The scope of IRCCCA/CIRACC is to catalyse collaborative linkages between national, regional and international research and training institutions for enabling synergies in the development and deployment of the Center activities in the west and central Africa. Ghislain Tepa-Yotto is a holder of a PhD degree in Plant Science/Plant Health-Plant Protection, obtained at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). He is assistant professor at the National University of Agriculture (UNA-Benin). Primarily agricultural engineer, professional background encompasses research for development for plant health/protection. Philosophical interest relates to holistic approach as foundation to deliver innovative and sustainable agro-solutions for food security. Special focus links to Invasive Alien Species management in the context of a changing climate.