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IITA recognizes the importance of capacity building in strengthening research for development (R4D) in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Since its inception, the Institute has supported formal and informal training activities as part of its strategy to improve food security and reduce poverty in the region.

The overall goal of its training activities is to strengthen the capability of partners in the national agricultural research and extension systems (NARES) to conduct research in their own countries. Further, IITA training activities facilitate research collaboration between IITA and the NARES. Thousands of professionals in SSA have profited from IITA's training and many more benefit indirectly through knowledge they in turn have passed on to others.

IITA uses a mix of training approaches, which include individual short term and long-term courses and also Group Trainings. Individual training types include Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) and Undergraduate Internships. The comprehensive training strategy comprises graduate research, individual attachments, and development and distribution of group training course materials.

The Institute also assists in upgrading the skills of national scientists by actively engaging partners in its R4D projects and through its non-degree trainings available to research associates and assistants (RTAs).

In addition to increasing the pool of trained personnel, these activities also build strong personal bonds that facilitate research collaboration and ongoing information exchange through the offer of Sabbatical Opportunities, to national scientists who desire to interact/collaborate with our researchers on on-going projects of interest to the institute.

Human capital development is a continuing need in Africa. Present realities of declining research and training budgets call for the reassessment of training approaches, hence the adoption of the three key approaches by IITA as a means of ensuring that it continues to contribute to the pool of effective NARS researchers.

Internally, IITA recognizes that staff training and development enables staff to acquire new knowledge and skills to improve their work attitudes and performance, and to build capabilities for new and higher responsibilities. The focuses of these trainings are determined by an assessment of needs from management or staff. The attendances to these training are either based upon pre-selection or application.

Other opportunities

While IITA accepts unsolicited application for research training as part of a degree program, we infrequently accept this type of application. We suggest that interested students monitor this site for specific calls for applications.

Types of training

Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

Short-Term Courses – (Group Training)

- Research Training Associates (RTAs)

- Undergraduate Internship

Sabbatical Opportunities

Contact information

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