Sustainable Tree Crops Program

The Sustainable Tree Crops Program (STCP) started in 2000. It is a public-private partnership and innovation platform that seeks to generate growth in rural income among tree crop farmers in an environmentally and socially responsible manner in West/Central Africa.  This is achieved by introducing innovations to enhance productivity, increase marketing efficiency, diversify farmer income, and strengthen the institutional and policy environment. STCP, which is managed by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), provides a framework for collaboration between farmers, the global cocoa industry, local private sector, national governments, NGOs, research institutes, and development investors.

10th Regional Executive Committee Meeting in Accra

The 10th Regional Executive Committee meeting of the Sustainable Tree Crops Program has taken place in Accra with call from national partners for stronger tiews between the program and national...

STCP Newsletter Issue 32

In this edition, STCP Cote d'Ivoire resumes operations after nearly 6 months of slow down due to political crisis; UK Parliamentarisn commend STCP's extension efforts and how Ghana can benefit from...

STCP latest Impact Brief (No.8, March 2011)

This Impact Brief on costs associated with STCP-run FFS and VVC is part of the ongoing research on the scaling-up and institutionalisation of participatory training methodologies for cocoa farmers....

An assessment of seed gardens in Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria

An assessment of seed gardens in Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria
This study of cocoa seed gardens in Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria aims at assessing the production capacities of the cocoa seed gardens to produce sufficient improved seeds that will help farmers improve their yield, output and income.