As the major agricultural research organization in Africa, IITA has research and administrative hubs and stations spread across the continent. Focusing primarily on sub-Saharan Africa, our hubs are divided into West, Central, East, and Southern. Present in 11 African countries, IITA is uniquely placed to meet the continent’s demands and deliver our research goals directly to communities.

In Central Africa, IITA’s regional hub is in Kinshasa in the DR Congo. There also the Bukavu station in the DR Congo.  Other stations in the region are located in Cameroon, Rwanda, and Burundi.

In Eastern Africa, IITA has stations in Kenya, Uganda, and two sites in Tanzania, in Arusha and Dar es Salaam. The station in Dar es Salaam is the regional hub.

In Southern Africa, IITA has stations in Malawi and Mozambique with the regional hub in Zambia.

In Western Africa, IITA has stations in Benin, Accra and Tamale in Ghana, and Abuja, Kano, and Ibadan in Nigeria. The IITA Ibadan station is the regional hub and also the IITA Headquarters.