The IITA Headquarters was founded in 1967 and is located in Ibadan, Nigeria. At our Headquarters we focus on major food staples and horticulture crops of high importance to African farmers. The hub is equipped with established facilities for cutting edge research that have been at the forefront of agricultural innovations in sub-Saharan Africa for 50 years.

The IITA Headquarters sits on about 1,000 hectares that include a 300-hectare forest reserve that preserves some of the region’s indigenous flora and fauna including unique butterfly, bird, and tree species. There are also 500 hectares set aside for experimental and demonstration plots. These research fields have a designated irrigation system with a year-round supply of water for off-season planting. In addition, there are 54 screenhouses and 18 glasshouses for experiments that require controlled growing conditions as well as an aeroponics facility.

There are extensive research facilities on campus including the Biosciences Center, the Genetic Resources Center, the Germplasm Health Unit, the Virology and Molecular Diagnostics Unit, the Biometrics Unit, and a range of laboratories for Analytical Services, Nematology, Pathology, Geospatial Mapping, Soil Microbiology, Crop Breeding, Entomology, and Food and Nutrition.

There is a Knowledge Center, seminar rooms, and a state-of-the-art Conference Center with audiovisual equipment and high speed Internet. Our Headquarters also has a dedicated Capacity Development Office that facilitates exchange visits, short-term training courses, and graduate degrees as well as a Communication Office that h andles our corporate image, publications, and communication.

As well as research facilities, the IITA Headquarters has a range of hospitality and leisure facilities. Visiting scientists and guests can stay at our hotel, International House, which provides accommodation for up to 100 people. There are recreational facilities including a swimming pool, tennis courts, golf course, squash courts, and a nature reserve area for fishing, boating, trekking, and more.

There are also various support units that ensure the smooth running of the institute 24 hours a day, all year round. We have our own Facilities Management, including a water and waste treatment unit and four power generators for uninterrupted power supply. Furthermore, our Procurement Services, with a strong supply chain that includes buyers strategically placed in Europe and America, ensures easy port clearance, provides a designation shipping and air transportation network, and allows us a duty-free status in Nigeria.

Finally, our headquarters provides staff with a myriad of benefits including housing, a primary health center, a preparatory school at the International School of IITA, travel and protocol services, transport services, an ICT Unit, and the IITA Guest House in Lagos, which offers a useful stopover to and from the airport.

Contact details

Nteranya Sanginga
Director General, IITA

Katherine Lopez
Head of Communication Unit
Tel: +1 201 6336094
PMB 5320, Oyo Road, Ibadan 200001, Oyo State, Nigeria