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IITA Open Data Challenge 2018

There is a lot of historical data that hasn’t yet found its way to repositories. This is partly due to lack of time from the scientists or lack of awareness that the data could fit a particular repository. Through the Big Data platform, IITA has allocated resources to help scientists who have data from 1990’s to 2018 data to get it uploaded on a data repository.


Have at least 100 datasets, quality-checked, both data and metadata annotated with ontology and uploaded onto CKAN by September 30th 2018.

Process for the Data Sprint

  • The researchers send their datasets to the CKAN officer iita-ckan@cgiar.org
  • The open data team supports the researcher in completing the metadata form and ensuring it meets the CG Core metadata schema st andards
  • The Open Data team will curate the data to ensure it’s fit for upload
  • The CKAN officer uploads the data to CKAN
  • The Open Data team regularly monitor the Data Sprint performance
  • Ranking is done at the end of the data sprint for all the datasets submitted and uploaded to CKAN.
  • Researchers and hubs who excelled during the data sprint are awarded as per the table below
Funding to attend one Scientific conference (Up to USD 800 per person) Funding to attend the Big Data Convention in Nairobi (October 2018) (Up to USD 600 per person)
1 Individual with overall highest number (more than 10) of datasets uploaded Yes – 1 Yes – 1
2 Individual (per hub) with highest number (more than 5) of datasets uploaded No Yes – 1
3 Hub with highest number (more than 10) of datasets uploaded Yes – 1 Yes – 2

Data Sprint Status

Contact us

If you would like to contact us about the challenge, please reach to Dr. Tonny Omwansa (t.omwansa@cgiar.org) or Obileye Olatunbosun (O.Obileye@cgiar.org)