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IITA started its first research work in Liberia with the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAPP) in 2013. We are also currently working on increasing the production and productivity, and commercialization of cassava through the Smallholder Agricultural Productivity Enhancement and Commercialization (SAPEC) Project. As a result of this, IITA is contributing to improving the impact of cassava research, training and information sharing with respect to cassava-based production systems and value chain development. The SAPEC project started in 2016 but the memoranda of understanding was signed in 2015. Both projects work on cassava. We are also involved in improving the capacity for strategic analysis and knowledge management of the agricultural sector among African, regional and national partners through Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System in West Africa (ReSAKSS-WA Phase III) project. The organization works with the Central Agriculture Research Institute (CARI and the country’s Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). The scope of work being carried out is agronomic practices from land preparation to cassava production; post- harvest and value addition to cassava roots.

Quick Facts

Capital: Monrovia

Currency: Liberian Dollar

Area (total): 99,067 km2

Population: 4.6 million (2017)

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Oyinlola Sylvia
Head Administration, Western Africa Hub

   +234 8039784492

IITA Office, Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI), Suakoko, Bong County, Liberia