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In 1996, the IITA Biological Control Program initiated a cassava mealybug biocontrol program covering nine provinces of Mozambique. At that time, all IITA activities were coordinated from an office located at the Mozambique’s Institute of Agricultural Research (IIAM) in Maputo until 2007 when IITA established its own research station in Nampula at IIAM-Posto Agronómico de Nampula (PAN). IITA also rented office space in a building in the city center that served as an administrative base. Relocating to northern Mozambique was a strategic move by IITA to cover all the major agricultural zones of the country and for operational efficiency. A small administrative office was, however, maintained at IIAM in Maputo for logistical and donor-relations purposes. In December 2009, IITA Management approved the construction of a new IITA facility on a plot allocated to the organization by the Nampula City Council just some 500 meters away from its original home at the IIAM Research Station. The station finally relocated in March 2016 when the main Science Building was completed. The new IITA-Mozambique research facility was officially inaugurated in May 2017.

Quick Facts

Capital: Maputo

Currency: Mozambican Metical

Area (total): 812,379 km2

Population: 23.9 million (UN, 2011 estimate)

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Steve Boahen
IITA Country Representative

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Gersonia Catine
Administrative Officer

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PO Box 709, Nampula, Mozambique