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IITA-Rwanda (Kigali)

Banana, Cassava, Maize, and Soybean

IITA has a long history of collaboration with the Rwandan agricultural sector dating back to the 1980s. Achievements from this collaboration are many and varied. It has been able to breed new cassava lines, four improved banana varieties and four improved soybean varieties released in Rwanda by the national cassava, banana, and bean programs. IITA also played a leading role in averting food security crises by combating Cassava Mealy Bug, Mosaic virus and Brown Streak diseases as well as banana diseases. Macro propagation, an innovation by IITA has been widely adopted by the public and private sectors in the country. IITA has developed human capacity through sponsoring MSc and PhD researchers in Rwanda in partnership with Inter/national universities and trained over 400 partners’ staff. As a result, IITA alumni are now key decision makers in the government or public system, which facilitates scaling of research concepts products and outcomes.

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Quick Facts

Capital: Kigali

Currency: Rwandan franc

Area (total): 26,338 km2

Population: 11.2 million

Contact us

Konlambigue Matieyedou
Country Representative

+250 788380555

IITA-Rwanda, Kacyiru, KG 563 Street #3 PO Box 1269 Kigali - Rwanda

Sandra Gatete
Station Administrator

  +250 788380555, +254 208054000, +254 208654211

IITA-Rwanda, Kacyiru, KG 563 Street #3 PO Box 1269 Kigali - Rwanda