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IITA-Tanzania (Arusha)
IITA-Tanzania (Dar es salaam)

Tanzania is an important country for the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. It is the headquarters for IITA operations in the Eastern Africa region, working in six countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, South- Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda). IITA has made significant investment in the country research activities which have grown tremendously in the last five years in our efforts to increase food security and food safety, reduce rural poverty and undernutrition, and promote more sustainable management of natural resources in the country. These ambitions are also closely aligned to those of the national government as spelt out in the Agriculture Sector Develop Plan(ASDPII) and also with the 17 sustainable development goals and new sustainable development agenda of the UN. In addition, our activities focus on the sustainable intensification of mixed-legume-livestock systems and on cassava and banana.

Quick Facts

Capital: Dodoma

Currency: Tanzanian shilling (TZS)

Area (total): 947,300 km2

Population: 55.5 million

Contact us

Eveline Odiambo
Head, Finance and Administration, Eastern Africa Hub

  +255 222700092

IITA-Tanzania, Plot No 25 Mikocheni Light Industrial Area, Mwenge Coca-Cola Road, Mikocheni B

Scola Ponera
Admnistrator, Banana Project

c/o AVRDC- The World Vegetable Center, PO Box 10, Duluti, Arusha, Tanzania