Action to Control Cassava Brown Streak Disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) has been observed and confirmed in the eastern provinces of DRC, although with high incidence in the western parts of the country, its strain is yet to be confirmed.  The project seeks to address the CBSD problem and to propose interventions in order to limit the expansion of its incidence and severity to new zones within the DRC. The work proposed here aims to:

  1. Generate and update knowledge and information on CBSD,
  2. Introduce varieties that are resistant to CBSD and other biotic constraints,
  3. Monitor CBSD spread, incidence and severity and forecasting changes,
  4. Develop and evaluate relevant management approaches for CBSD,
  5. Promote the production and dissemination of quality planting materials of improved cassava varieties.


The purpose of the project is to enhance and maintain sustainable cassava productivity through the development and promotion of appropriate cassava varieties, resistant to CBSD and other biotic constraints, and disseminate approaches for the integrated management of cassava diseases and pests in order to contribute to increased food availability, income generation and sustainable livelihoods.


Nzola-Meso Mahungu

Project duration

Start: 31 October 2016
End: 29 September 2020

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