Action to Control Cassava Brown Streak Disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Project goal

To address the Cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) problem in the eastern provinces of DRC and to propose interventions to limit the expansion of its incidence and severity to new zones within the DRC.

Expected outcomes
  • Updated knowledge and information on CBSD.
  • Varieties that are resistant to CBSD and other biotic constraints introduced.
  • CBSD spread, incidence, and severity and forecasting changes monitored.
  • relevant management approaches for CBSD developed and evaluated.
  • The production and dissemination of quality planting materials of improved cassava varieties promoted.
Project locations

DR Congo: Provinces of Kinshasa, Sud-Kivu, Kasai, and Tshopo


Nzola-Meso Mahungu

Project duration

Start: 01 November 2020
End: 30 September 2020

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