AgResults Initial Pilot Projects

This pilot project will create a niche market for aflatoxin-free maize that will deliver three critical preconditions that will enable further development of the market. Firstly, the efficacy of biocontrol will be proven “beyond the lab” as a commercially viable product. Secondly, broad-based awareness of the health impacts of aflatoxin will be stimulated amongst smallholder farmers, building momentum around the issue. Thirdly, a critical mass of certified maize will be introduced into the market. The combination of these three preconditions will “create the space and momentum” for other critical actors, such as the private sector to act to ensure the market continues over time. There are three major objectives. To:
  1. Create the market preconditions that would enable the establishment of a long term market for aflatoxin free maize.
  2. Mitigate the negative health impact of aflatoxin-infested maize and increase farmer incomes through yield enhancement.
  3. to Learn about pull mechanisms and this approach to facilitating new product introduction.
Successfully delivered, the AGPM pilot project will create an initial market for other actors to begin to reinforce with other necessary interventions over time.


To deliver development impact, namely in terms of health and economic benefits to smallholder farmers by reducing exposure of smallholder farm families and other consumers to aflatoxin.
  • To build a sustained market for aflasafe™ by establishing the necessary preconditions for long-term adoption of aflasafe™. These preconditions include the emergence of reliable premium markets for aflasafe™ and low-aflatoxin maize, along with the emergence of affordable aflatoxin testing methods and enforcement of aflatoxin regulations.
  • To learn about pull mechanisms, driven by the innovative financing by smallholder for adoption of agriculture technologies.


Akande, Adebowale

Project duration

Start: 01 October 2013
End: 30 September 2019

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