Aquaculture Assessments and Value Chain Pilot Project to Improve Fish Supply, Employment and Nutrition in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Aquaculture value chain development in DR Congo and Northern Angola)

Project goal To stimulate aquaculture for food and nutrition security and employment in both Angola and DR Congo. Investments are now required to support government in design and implementation of policies to sustainably develop aquaculture.   Expected outcomes In both countries, these include:
  • Assessments of the productivity of existing aquaculture infrastructure and the identification of opportunities for profitable new value chains.
  • Improvements in the supply of quality inputs, such as fish seed for farmers.
  • Improving pond feeding and management to boost productivity.
  • Diversification and integration of aquaculture into existing farming systems, to produce fish feed and exploit livestock (e.g., for organic manure to fertilize ponds).
Developing value chains to ensure farmers, especially women, have access to the inputs needed and markets for products.


Matungulu, Paul (IITA)

Project duration

Start: 03 April 2017
End: 30 June 2020

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