Cassava Virus Disease Surveillance in Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria

This two year proposal (2015-16) focuses on tackling cassava virus diseases in Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through a series of surveillance-focused activities that will provide essential data on the extent of the spread of cassava brown streak viruses in DRC, virus distribution, knowledge on vector diversity, and causes of brown corky root necrosis symptoms in Western DRC. In Nigeria, activities will focus on strengthening early warning systems to facilitate the rapid detection, diagnosis and communication of cases of disease incursion, and to develop an emergency response plan for CBSD. These initiatives will be combined with efforts to strengthen the NARS capacity has the potential to greatly enhance the prospects for effective cassava virus diseases, particularly CBSD management in DRC and preventions its further spread in central Africa.


Improved management of cassava virus disease through surveillance in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Nigeria Objectives:

1. Determine the extent of CBSD spread in eastern DRC (Kivu province)

2. Establish baseline knowledge on CBSD-like symptoms in cassava in Western DRC (Bas-Congo and Kinshasa)

3. Conduct pest risk analysis for CBSD in Nigeria and establish emergency response plan

4. Pilot digital early warning network in Nigeria

5. Develop capacity of the national programs in cassava virus disease diagnostics and surveillance in Nigeria and DRC


Dr. Kumar, Lava (IITA)

Project duration

Start: 01 March 2015
End: 30 September 2019

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