CGIAR Excellence in Agronomy 2030 (Incubation Phase)

Project Goal

The EiA Incubation Phase aims at validating a number of key hypotheses around the potential value added through:

  • enhanced cooperation and cross-learning between CGIAR centers,
  • positioning agronomy R&D in direct response to demonstrated demand from active scaling partners, and
  • integration of data and digital tools in support of the development of agronomy solutions at scale. Such validation would then provide the necessary justification for a larger, multi-donor investment in EiA 2030, as a “large project” in the context of the One CGIAR.

Expected outcomes

  • Primary Outcome 1: The key building blocks for EiA 2030 are set up and effectively used across CGIAR centers, with an initial focus on those data and tools needed for the pilot projects, including standardized data collection tools, an interoperable data management system, and key analytical frameworks for decision-making on agronomic investments.
  • Primary Outcome 2: At least three scaling partners commit to continued use of agronomy solutions, co-created with EiA 2030 on the basis of specific use cases, beyond the Incubation Phase and work with EiA 2030 to continue validating their contributions to agronomic gain at farm level and at least three use cases are considered exemplars to inform how gender can be integrated in agronomy R&D.
  • Primary Outcome 3: All of the participating CGIAR centers have contributed to the development of the EiA 2030 proposal based on the demonstration of the efficient functioning of the proposed Modules and how these are interacting with each other, and commit to continue supporting the operationalization of the EiA 2030 initiative [related to the ORGANIZE, TRANSFORM, INNOVATE, and DELIVER Modules.

Project locations



Vanlauwe, Bernard (IITA)

Project duration

Start: 20 July 2020
End: 30 June 2022