CGIAR Research Program (CRP) 2. Policies, institutions, and markets for enabling agricultural incomes for the poor

Poverty and hunger remain enormous problems, but evidence shows that agricultural growth reduces poverty by twice the rate of growth in non-agricultural sectors.  However, this growth has been held back by failures related to policies, institutions, and markets and will be further challenged by emerging trends such as climate change and natural resource scarcity. CRP PIM will provide knowledge and tools to support a policy and institutional environment in which markets function effectively and competitively and agriculture and related sectors fully contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable rural development, and income growth. CRP PIM is implemented by 12 CGIAR centers (IFPRI as Lead center, Bioversity, CIAT, CIMMYT, CIP, ICARDA, ICRAF, ICRISAT, IITA, ILRI, IWMI, World Fish), strategic partners who jointly design the research objectives (Donors, other CG centers, local research organizations, and/or implementing agencies), and boundary partners (farmers, foresters, local officials, and policymakers) with the direct goal of changing their behavior or positions.


The goal of CRP PIM is to produce a body of knowledge to support appropriate policies, institutions, and markets for pro-poor agricultural growth.


Dr. Alene, Arega

Project duration

Start: 01 January 2012
End: 31 December 2022

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