CGIAR Research Program (CRP) 3.2: MAIZE- Global Alliance for Improving Food Security and the Livelihoods of the Resource-poor in the Developing World

The maize CRP has three key research strategies (i) sustainable intensification and income opportunities for the poor; (ii) maize varieties for the poor; and (iii) integrated postharvest management. All these research strategies are supported by a cross-cutting strategic initiative “Socioeconomics and policies for maize futures”. Each of the research strategies is divided into: research outputs, immediate outcomes and intermediate development outcomes. Under sustainable intensification and income opportunities for the poor, the research outputs are crop and resource management practices and knowledge supported with tools and methods for better targeting of interventions and policy and institutional innovations for enhancing maize technology options. New maize varieties for the poor will focus on development of high yield, stress-tolerant, and nutrient-enhanced maize varieties; while integrated postharvest management focuses on improvement of food security and safety, health, and marketing options for some 6 million smallholders in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


To double productivity and significantly increase incomes and improve livelihoods from more productive, resilient and sustainable maize-based farming systems on same land area and as climate changes and costs of fertilizer, water and labour increase.


Dr. Menkir, Abebe

Project duration

Start: 01 July 2011
End: 31 December 2022

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