CGIAR Research Program (CRP) 3.2: MAIZE- Global Alliance for Improving Food Security and the Livelihoods of the Resource-poor in the Developing World


To double productivity and significantly increase incomes and improve livelihoods from more productive, resilient and sustainable maize-based farming systems on the same land area and as climate changes and costs of fertilizer, water, and labor increase.

Expected results

  • Increased productivity and stability of farming systems
  • Increased income of smallholder farmers
  • Increased yields of maize for smallholder farmers
  • Increased nutritional diet
  • Reduced post-harvest losses in maize production and maize-based products
  • Reduced aflatoxin in maize value chain.

Project location

IITA testing sites in Nigeria, national agricultural research systems in Africa, Asia and Latin America


Dr. Menkir, Abebe

Project duration

Start: 01 July 2011
End: 31 December 2022

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