CGIAR Research Program (CRP) 4: Agriculture for improved Nutrition and Health – PPA No. CRP 4 – 008

The importance of agriculture for nutrition and health will allow CRP A4NH to enhance old and create new long-term partnerships among agriculture, health, and nutrition researchers, policymakers, and development practitioners to: (1) strengthen their capacity in developing, adapting, evaluating, and using new methodological tools and approaches to link agriculture, nutrition and health in research, policy, and practice; and (2) design and implement integrated, gender-responsive, multisectoral programs and policies that cut across the traditional sect oral; divides, evaluate them, and generate lessons learned from these experiences.
The research program will tackle this complex agenda by focusing on two broad research components: (1) maximizing the potential of agriculture to improve nutrition through better dietary quality; and (2) promoting safe agricultural and food systems practices that reduce infectious and chronic disease risk. The two research areas will be brought together under a common framework to build on the synergies between agriculture, health, and nutrition. The research program focuses on two targets populations: (1) populations that are directly involved in or exposed to agriculture intensification; and (2) marginalized, vulnerable, and/or ultra-poor populations.


The overall goal of this research program is to contribute to the CGIAR impacts of improving food security, enhancing environmental sustainability, and reducing poverty through agricultural interventions that improve human health and nutrition. Poor health and nutrition are inextricably linked to poverty. Specific objectives include:
1. Maximise the impact of agriculture on food security, diet quality, and nutrition.
2. Develop new gender-responsive approaches to control agriculture-associated diseases in marginal and vulnerable populations that suffer from neglected diseases.
3. Asses and mitigate the agriculture-associated health risks involved in intensifying agri-food systems.
4. Improve agricultural development planning and policy making to achieve better health and nutrition, promote sustainable intensification of agro-food systems, and support marginal and vulnerable peoples in developing countries.


Mahuku, George

Project duration

Start: 01 January 2012
End: 31 December 2022

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