Climate smart coffee and cocoa: from theory to practice (CSCC)

The goal of the project is the initiation of a private- and public sector led process for the development of climate smart coffee/cocoa-based subnational agricultural eco-regions that combine improving farmer income and system resilience with contributing to climate change (CC) adaptation and mitigation. The purpose is informed cocoa/coffee-based smallholder farmers adopt CSA practices adapted to their environment and needs.


The six outputs:

  1. Adaptation zone maps with CSA packages adapted to each zone
  2. Participatory farm typology tools to match CSA options with livelihood including women’s needs per zone
  3. On-farm demonstrations and trials that allow co-learning of farmers, public and private sector actors to allow validation and priority setting of CSA packages
  4. ICT-based CSA implementer platform for ‘real-time’ delivery and monitoring of CSA package implementation, collection of feedback from all actors and in all stages of the project
  5. Tailored CSA packages embedded in decision-support and gender sensitive training materials of certification bodies and private/ public extension service providers at national/global level.
  6. Coffee/cocoa gender sensitive CSA guidelines embedded in national/local investment and policy strategies.


Laurence Jassogne

Project duration

Start: 31 December 2016
End: 30 December 2019

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