Integrated Seed Sector Development in Africa (ISSD Africa)


To enhance seed quality assurance systems for quality RTB seed production.

Expected results

  • ISSD working paper with inventory of decentralized QA experiences
  • MSc thesis and journal paper submitted on approaches to scaling out QA and the relative efficiency of different QA systems at the local level.
  • Briefs for policymakers
  • Add case studies and pilot designs in new countries based on interest and additional resource mobilization
  • Seed Tracker functioning for multiple crops in at least 2 countries
  • Online toolkit to support the establishment of decentralized seed quality assurance systems
  • MSc thesis and journal paper submitted on the role of ICT tools in increasing the efficiency of QA

Project Location

Nigeria, Tanzania


Dr. Kumar, Lava (IITA)

Project duration

Start: 01 February 2020
End: 31 July 2022