Liberia: Smallholder Agricultural Productivity Enhancement and Commercialization (SAPEC) Project

The Smallholder Agricultural Productivity Enhancement and Commercialization (SAPEC) Project is coherent with and supportive of the Liberia’s National Cassava Development Strategy (LNCDS). The SAPEC Project seeks to reduce rural poverty and household food insecurity by increasing income for smallholder farmers and rural entrepreneurs particularly women, youths and the physically-challenged. The project will support activities that lead to increased production and productivity, and commercialization of cassava, mostly through participatory methods and processes and inclusive partnerships and networks to guide project implementation, monitoring and impact assessment. To achieve these objectives, IITA is requested to contribute to the strengthening of the Cassava Research capacities in the country, enhancing cassava production systems productivity, quality, and marketing


  • To disseminate packages of improved cassava technology options (i.e., high yielding crop varieties, improved crop management practices, and knowledge) to farmers.
  • To provide support to existing Cassava Technology Training Centers (TTCs) in SAPEC Project Counties.
  • To provide technical support to develop markets and processing centers and market systems for cassava.
  • To provide technical support to strengthen CARI capacity and research programs to facilitate expansion and farm productivity to enhance adoption of cassava technologies To provide technical support to the establishment and full operation of Micro Processing/Market Centers in the SAPEC Project Counties.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the National Cassava Development Strategy including cassava multiplication and productivity to increase cassava productivity in Liberia in conformity with the SAPEC Work Plan.


Robert Asiedu

Project duration

Start: 02 August 2015
End: 01 August 2018

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