Making high quality soybean seeds accessible to smallholder farmers in Malawi

The project has four main objectives:
  1. Support for breeder, foundation and certified seed production
  2. Increasing adoption through variety demonstration and promotion
  3. Seed distribution and marketing
  4. Capacity building and strengthening seed partnerships


The goal of the project is to increase soybean production and productivity through a sustainable improved seed system so that Malawi can meet its annual soybean seed and grain demand. The purpose is to stimulate the commercialization and distribution of improved soybean seeds by establishing a well-functioning pipeline to produce and disseminate high quality seed of improved varieties (i.e. breeder, foundation and certified seed) through close collaboration with national programs, seed companies, NGOs, seed producers, fertilizer companies, agrodealers, and farmers to enhance access by smallholder farmers.


Gbenga Moses Akinwale

Project duration

Start: 08 December 2014
End: 29 June 2019

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