Nigeria Country Plan Baseline and Varietal Monitoring Survey

The Nigeria country agriculture baseline is one of the three country baselines that will be undertaken in Sub-Saharan Africa, as baseline studies are underway in Ethiopia and Tanzania. The purpose of this baseline study is to set baseline values for the indicators in the Nigeria results framework and fill data gaps identified by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Nigeria country team as indicated in the country plan. Specifically, it will provide information for the understanding of the data that can be used to establish current levels of agricultural outcome indicators for our key crops and livestock, and to set adoption and productivity targets, against which we will monitor performance and progress over time. It is to provide the evidence by which decision-makers are able to measure subsequent project performance.


The project will serve three primary purposes:
  1. Establish a baseline of important AgDev indicators in priority zones of Nigeria identified in the country plan.
  2. Track the uptake of improved varieties across 2-4 priority commodities within the geographical clusters of our country plans.
  3. Introduce variety-specific monitoring via DNA fingerprinting to national agriculture monitoring systems.


Tahirou Abdoulaye

Project duration

Start: 15 January 2017
End: 29 June 2018

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