Abdoulaye, Tahirou

Senior Agricultural Economist for West Africa | CSAT Mali & Niger Projects manager

Email: t.abdoulaye@cgiar.org
Tel: +223 93106776
Nationality: Nigerien
Station: Mali

Photo of Tahirou Abdoulaye
Tahirou Abdoulaye is from Niger. He is an Senior Agricultural Economist based in Ibadan, Nigeria. His academic qualifications include a B.Sc. in economics (University of Niamey, Niger); and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in agricultural economics (Purdue University, USA). He has been involved in evaluation and impact assessment of several projects mainly in West Africa. He has produced papers on impact assessment of research activities in several African countries including Niger, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, and Benin. His research work covers a wide range of rural economic issues including seed systems, farm-level efficiency and also technology evaluation and transfer. His more recent research interest focuses on innovation systems and how they can help increase technology uptake by small farmers. Prior to joining IITA in 2007, he was a research fellow with JIRCAS (2005─2006), Scientist at INRAN (2004─2005), graduate research assistant and postdoctoral research associate at Purdue University (1997─2003) and Economist at INRAN (1989─1993, 1994─1996).