Njukwe, Emmanuel

PRODEMA Project Coordinator

Email: e.njukwe@cgiar.org
Tel: +250 782 497 615
Nationality: Cameroonian
Station: Burundi

Photo of Emmanuel Njukwe
Emmanuel Njukwe is the PRODEMA Project Coordinator. Prior to his appointment, Emmanuel was an associate scientist, IITA-CIALCA. He coordinates partnerships in the African Great Lakes region with local research, farmer, and development partners with a special focus on out-scaling technologies and training tools to end-users. Emmanuel has been working at IITA since 2001 and is fluent in English and French. He helped in germplasm evaluation and the development of sustainable seed systems and postharvest techniques, in starchy staples (cassava, plantains, and yam) in the framework of PRFP and PNDRT/MINADER in Cameroon. In these projects, he adopted the value chain approach in research for development that covers production to consumption, and considers all groups from farmers to consumers, including traders, equipment fabricators, processors, users, and the export sector with the main objective of strengthening collaboration. Because tissue culture planting material cannot withstand dry weather conditions and require extra care and management for successful field establishment, he initiated the concept of mother gardens for further propagation of healthy suckers which can readily be distributed and handled by farmers, bridging the gap between the farmer and the supply chain providers of planting material. To increase accessibility to processing equipment in a system where cassava is processed individually in a decentralized way at household level, he contributed to the development of a manual cassava chipper made of local material that is cheap, easy to clean and repair, manually driven, and easy to transport for farmers in Cameroon. His communication skills, technical expertise, and experience in building and maintaining partnerships has helped to further improve and expand the R4D approach in the CIALCA project. Emmanuel has an M.Sc. in Agronomy (Soil Science option) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2000.