Saethre, May-Guri

Deputy Director General – Research for Development (R4D)

Tel: +234 0700800IITA, +1 201 6336094
Nationality: Norwegian
Station: Nigeria (Ibadan)

Photo of May-Guri Saethre
May-Guri is Norwegian. She was a Senior Research Scientist/Professor at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) established in June 2015. She earned her PhD in Agricultural Entomology from the Agricultural University of Norway in 2012 and her MSc in Horticulture (specializing in various crops, genetics and economy) from the same University in 1993. She also has a professional qualification in Horticulture from the Governmental College of Horticulture, Borkenes, Norway. Her professional background encompasses research, development and teaching in integrated pest management (IPM) and agricultural entomology applied on various agroecosystems. She also has many years of experience collaborating with CGIAR centers, notably IITA, Africa Rice and more recently ICRAF and with national universities, NARS and NGOs.