Sholola, Omoshalewa

Director of Finance

Tel: +234 0700800IITA, +1 201 6336094 , Ext. 2838
Nationality: Nigerian
Station: Nigeria (Ibadan)

Photo of Omoshalewa Sholola
Shalewa Sholola is the Director of Finance. He provides high-level, proactive financial expertise and direction for both short-term and long-term financial planning and management. He heads the Finance Directorate, manages financial support to the Institute, and oversees the fiscal management systems, comprised of the following four units: Corporate Accounts & Budget Unit, Treasury Unit, Special Projects Unit, and Payroll Unit. Sholola is a Chartered Accountant with an MBA and 26 years of professional experience in finance. He is a member of the Executive Management Team with a corporate fiduciary responsibility for the Institute. He works closely with internal and external auditors, the finance and executive and audit committees of the Board of Trustees, and the executive management team to establish and provide financial strategic direction to ensure IITA’s sustainability. He has been working with IITA since 1987 as the Corporate Accounting and Budget Manager 2000─2004), Corporate Accounting Manager (1996─2000), Budget and Planning Coordinator (1992─1996), Internal Auditor (Manager) (1990─1992), and Internal Audit Senior (1987─1990). He also served as Experienced Audit Senior for Sulaimon & Co. (Chartered Accountants), affiliated with Spicer and Oppenheim in Kaduna, Nigeria, from 1984 to 1987. Sholola is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (FCA) and is an associate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (AMNIM).