Tumwegamire, Silver

Cassava Breeder and Seed Systems Expert

Email: s.tumwegamire@cgiar.org
Tel: N/A
Nationality: Ugandan
Station: Rwanda

Photo of Silver Tumwegamire
Silver Tumwegamire, a Ugandan citizen, is a Postdoctoral fellow for the Cassava Varieties and Clean Seed to Combat CBSD and CMD project (5CP). He is based in IITA-Tanzania, Dar es Salam. Tumwegamire holds a PhD in Crop Science – Breeding, a master’s degree in Crop Science – Breeding, and a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture (crop science option), all completed at Makerere University in Uganda. He joined IITA from a sister CGIAR center, CIP (International Potato Center) where he worked for 11 years on sweetpotato breeding programs for sub-Saharan Africa. Previously, he also worked, for 4 years, with CARE International in Uganda under a project to protect one of the few remaining world natural habitats (Bwindi Impenetrable Forest) for mountain gorillas through community-based agricultural interventions. He also had a short-term engagement with Uganda’s national bean breeding program.