Baale of Araromi confers chieftaincy title on IITA Director General

16 April 2021

The Baale of Araromi Idi-Ose, Chief Rahman Adebayo Oniduhunhas conferred a traditional chieftaincy title on IITA’s Director General, Nteranya Sanginga. This followed a visit to the IITA headquarters of a delegation of 10 chiefs from the Institute’s host community, Idi-Ose land, led by the new Baale on 15 April. The DG received the delegates with the Deputy Director General, Corporate Services, Hilde Koper; Head Security and Safety, David Oluwadare; Manager for Resource Protocol, Toyin Oke; and members of IITA’s Communication team. 

Baale of Araromi confers chieftaincy title on IITA Director General
The delegates discussing with IITA representatives during the courtesy visit.

DG Sanginga welcomed the guests, giving a brief overview of IITA’s location, forest, lake, workforce, and the Institute’s presence in other countries. In a reminiscing story describing his journey from Congo to Nigeria, he emphasized the need to foster good relationships with one’s host community. 

Chief Ajagbe, speaking for the delegates, thanked IITA for being a resourceful contribution to their community, and Dr. Sanginga, especially, for being a listening and approachable Director-General. “We acknowledge that since you arrived and took over the helm at IITA, good and positive changes have come, with improvements manifesting in both the staff and management and the organization in general,” he said. 

Baale of Araromi confers chieftaincy title on IITA Director General
The Baale and his delegation from Idi-Ose land with the IITA team.

The Baale further requested IITA’s help in providing specific developmental components to their community: a public health center, public toilets, IITA shopping plaza, employment for indigenes, and water points. Sanginga clarified some of these demands and said he would not make promises he won’t fulfill. He suggested another meeting with the chiefs where IITA’s contributions will be made known to them after making a needs assessment. He promised to air some of the requests needing government support to the Governor of Oyo State, who is friend of the Institute. 

The Baale, in response, conferred the chieftaincy title of “Bobajiriro of Idi-Ose land” on DG Sanginga. He further requested DG Sanginga’s approval to use IITA’s Sports complex for the coronation to be celebrated on 26 June 2021.