IITA recognizes the importance of capacity development in strengthening research for development (R4D). Since its inception, IITA has supported formal and informal training activities as part of our strategy to improve food security and reduce poverty in the region. Thous ands of professionals in sub-Saharan Africa have profited from IITA’s capacity development program and many more benefit indirectly through knowledge these professionals have in turn passed on to others. IITA offers capacity development to international program partners to aid the improvement of research practices and general knowledge. The overall goal of our training activities is to strengthen the capability of partners in the national agricultural research and extension systems (NARES). Our training activities facilitate research collaboration between IITA and the NARES, ultimately allowing those involved to conduct research in their own regions.

What we offer

IITA uses a mix of training approaches, from individual short-term and long-term courses to group training opportunities. Individual training activities include the Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP), and Undergraduate Internships. These comprehensive training offerings comprise of graduate research, individual attachments, and the development and distribution of group training course materials. The Institute also assists in upgrading the skills of national scientists by actively engaging them in our R4D projects and through our non-degree training programs. In addition to increasing the pool of trained personnel, these activities also build strong personal bonds that facilitate research collaboration and ongoing information exchange. Our sabbatical opportunities offer national scientists the chance to interact and collaborate with our researchers more closely on important ongoing projects. Internally, we continue our rich training tradition by enabling staff to acquire new knowledge and skills through staff training and development programs. These programs improve their work, attitudes, and performance, and help to build capabilities for new and higher responsibilities. Capacity development is continually needed in Africa and IITA is committed to providing wide-reaching training that meets this need. We are constantly working to improve and exp and the knowledge base in the agricultural sector of sub-Saharan Africa as a part of our wider strategy and as a part of our longst anding goals to tackle poverty and hunger in Africa. For more information on our training offerings, contact IITA Training (iita-trainingunit@cgiar.org).


IITA offers a range of capacity building opportunities to meet the needs of agricultural professionals from across sub-Saharan Africa. See our training opportunities below: