IITA offers a range of capacity building opportunities to meet the needs of agricultural professionals from across sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information on our training offerings, contact IITA Training (iita-trainingunit@cgiar.org).

Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

For information on this program contact the PostGraduate Administration Office, R4D Directorate m.badejo@cgiar.org.

This program focuses on providing quality research experience to university students to help them fulfill their degree requirements and to further IITA’s research objectives. IITA scientists develop the research topics or areas of study that enable budding professionals to develop the necessary research skills, attitude, and confidence for a successful career in agriculture. The long-term goal of this program is for the IITA-trained students to take up positions in research institutions similar to IITA in their home countries. A related program is the IITA-Lukas Brader Scholarship Fund (LBSF): for PhD in Agricultural and Related Sciences.

Short-Term Courses, Non-Degree and Group Training

These training areas are organized in two sections: either as individual training for scientists, extension workers, NGOs, and others usually referred to as Research Training Associates (RTAs), or as a group training activity for various interest groups or farmers. As part of our R4D projects IITA scientists are involved in numerous external training workshops, often with external experts as trainers. To remain relevant, IITA scientists must continually impart new knowledge and skills to national programs. Significant numbers of scientists, extension workers, NGO workers, and farmers have been trained under this program. Short-term Individual and Group Training courses provide one of the most cost-effective means of rapidly disseminating new technologies. In collaboration with scientists, appropriate courses are developed, packaged, advertised, and marketed aggressively to NARES, NGOs, universities, community-based organizations, and donors. These courses are designed to allow Research Associates to participate in research methodologies, discuss, design and plan collaborative research, and analyze and write up research results. At the end of the training, the individual RTAs are required to prepare a report or present a seminar on the work they have accomplished.

Interns and Volunteers

Interns or Industrial Trainees (IT) and Volunteers are students from NARES or developed countries currently enrolled in their first degree, or fresh graduates, who want experience to help them with their career decisions or to complete requirements for their degrees. They work within a relevant program at IITA for periods ranging from one to six months. Interns and volunteers must be nominated and endorsed by the university where they are registered to participate. If accepted, an IITA supervisor is identified who guides the students through their time at IITA.

Sabbatical Opportunities

Selective sabbatical opportunities are offered when an applicant’s proposal fits into an ongoing funded project and there is a host scientists available. These offers are made on the underst anding that the applicant’s institution continues to pay the staff salary during the duration of the sabbatical contract, which is usually for 6 to 12 months.

IITA Graduate Scholarship Program (GSP)

IITA invites outst anding students in agricultural and related scientific fields from across sub-Saharan Africa to compete for a limited number of postgraduate scholarships. Through this initiative, which is aimed at exp anding the corps of agricultural scientists in the region, IITA seeks to further strengthen the research capacity of NARES in sub-Saharan Africa. Successful c andidates conduct research in areas pertinent to IITA’s research agenda and their country’s agricultural development interests.