Women need to be given opportunities to not only set up agribusinesses but also to provide healthy food for their families. They need more information, training, and tools to achieve this.

Women lead the way

IITA works with women to help them get the most from agriculture. IITA’s SUN Project – Scaling-Up Nutrition: The First 1000 Critical Days From Pregnancy Until A Child Turns 2 Years Old – in rural Zambia is one such project with a specific focus on women and young children. In association with our local partner Development Aid From People To People (DAPP), IITA is giving women nutrition-sensitive agriculture-based tools that will help them produce different crops that help to diversify the diets of their communities.

The IITA/DAPP Project teaches women improved farming practices that integrate high-yielding varieties of nutritious crops, such as cowpea, soybean, and legumes, as well as fruits and a variety of green, leafy vegetables. The women are shown how to prepare a variety of tasty dishes that use the crops grown in the fields. They are also taught traditional pest control methods. Most importantly this project inspires women to teach other women in their communities about the things they have learned from the SUN Project to help reduce the high prevalence of malnutrition and stunting among children.