This is a list of selected IITA projects, arranged alphabetically.


Agricultural Investment and Market Development Project (AIMDP)- IITA

Aquaculture Assessments and Value Chain Pilot Project to Improve Fish Supply, Employment and Nutrition in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Aquaculture value chain development in DR Congo and Northern Angola)

Assistance technique de l’IITA dans le cadre du PPF du Projet d’Emploi des Jeunes dans l’Agribusiness en Côte d’Ivoire

Banana fungal & bacterial wilt (Foc/Bacteria)

Beyond climate, SOil CArbon sequestration to sustain family farming in the Tropics (SoCa)

Big Data in Agriculture

Bio-efficacy evaluation of a bacteria-based biopesticide on fall armyworm

Biofortification of cassava

Biofortification of Tropical Maize to Combat Micronutrient Malnutrition

Biological Pest Control against the Fall Army Worm

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