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Banana research in Africa: modern breeding techniques, regulatory and biosafety issues

NARO-Kawanda, Kampala, Uganda. 19 - 30 Sept. 2016

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IITA 50th Anniversary Kick-off Event: Lecture by IFAD President Kanayo Nwanze

Ibadan, Nigeria. 19 Oct. 2016

Regional Symposium: Next Generation Cocoa Research for West and Central Africa

Ibadan, Nigeria. 08 - 10 Nov. 2016

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Commissioning of the AgriServe Building by AfDB President Akinwumi Adesina

Ibadan, Nigeria. 25 Nov. 2016

P4D (Partnerships for Delivery) Week

Ibadan, Nigeria. 21 - 25 Nov. 2016

7th International Nitrogen Initiative Conference

Melbourne, Australia. 04 - 08 Dec. 2016

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The 13th International Symposium Of The International Society For Tropical Root Crops - Africa Branch

Theme: "Expanding Collaboration, Catalyzing Innovation of Root Crops for Accelerating Africa’s Economic Growth"

White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 05 - 10 Mar. 2017

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