At IITA, we are part of a global partnership that works towards the common goals of alleviating poverty and ensuring food security for millions of farm families in sub-Saharan Africa. Our community comprises donors, investors, partners, collaborators, networks, and beneficiaries. We use this community as an avenue for interacting, managing, and sharing knowledge, and learning from one another.

Donors and Investors

Agricultural development is a long-term process that needs sustainable financial resources to meet its objectives. We are grateful to our donors and investors who make a commitment to fund specific projects and provide essential assistance for research for development, training, and capacity building that address the challenges of agricultural development.

Partners, Collaborators and Networks

International agricultural research centers (IARCs) have a comparative advantage in strategic and applied research as well as the advantage of having headquarters in developing countries and regional offices in a wide array of locations around the developing world. We work closely with national agricultural research and extension systems (NARES) as partners. NARES have the primary responsibility for generating, adapting, and transferring technologies that farmers need to ensure food security and equitable, sustainable development. NARES comprise not only the national agricultural research institutes (NARIs) of a country or region, but also universities, the private sector, extension services, NGOs, and farmers’ organizations.

We also work with the private sector, which is a large and diverse constituency, composed of small to large private companies, and the associations representing them. The private sector is active in the whole agri-food chain, from agricultural inputs like seeds, crop protection, and fertilizers, to the food industry. Public-private partnerships, such as IITA’s commercial partnerships developed in the new Business Incubation Platform (BIP), bring both sides of the agricultural sector together under one roof to accelerate research into products and solutions.

Likewise, we partner with the NGO constituency, which has the capacity and commitment for technology implementation and outreach programs. They are able to translate research into direct benefits for farmers and ensure a civil society voice in multi-stakeholder research agendas. We also work with the Ministries of Agriculture, which coordinate country-specific policy and regulate responsibilities of all sectors of agriculture.


Farmers’ organizations are a relatively untapped resource and have the potential to play an important role in developing strong “social capital” in rural areas. They can provide the voice of agricultural reality at the global, regional, and national levels and are integral to all of IITA’s R4D enterprises.