IITA in Mozambique

IITA had its beginnings in Mozambique in the late 1980s when the East and Southern African Root Crops Research Network (ESARRNET) commenced activities on cassava and sweet potatoes R&D in collaboration with CIP. The ESARRNET was supported by USAID and was coordinated from Malawi. In 1994, ESARRNET was replaced by the Southern African Root and Tuber Network (SARRNET), paving the way for the first IITA scientist, Dr. Macio Porto, to be officially stationed in Maputo.

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Quick Facts

  Capital: Maputo

  Currency: Mozambican Metical

  Area (total): 812,379 km2

  Population: 23.9 million (UN, 2011 estimate)

  IITA staff: 41


IITA’s mandate crops in Mozambique are:
Cassava, Soybean, Cowpea, Banana& Plantain, Maize and Groundnut

Contact us

Reach our Mozambique Office the following channels:

  Dr. Steve Boahen

  IITA Country Representative

  +258 26216381


  Av. FPLM, Nampula, Nampula Province, Mozambique