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IITA-Mali (Bamako)

Maize (corn) and Cowpea, Groundnut (peanut), Millet, Pearl, and Sorghum

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA has been in Mali since 1980. Through the Sustainable Intensification of Key Farming Systems in the Sudano-Sahelian Zone of West Africa project, IITA established means of reducing hunger and poverty among small holder farming households by enhancing food and nutrition security and incomes, particularly for the benefit of women and children. The project was also to enhance the natural resource base of the country.

We are currently working on delivering improved cowpea technologies that will have immediate positive impacts on smallholders, rural and urban poor and demonstrate the robustness of the selected technologies. The Taking Cowpeas to Scale in West Africa, project facilitates an opportunity to achieve our goals.

We are working on providing smallholder farmers with improved cultivars of four major grain legumes: common bean, cowpea, chickpea and groundnut.

Quick Facts

Capital: Capital: Bamako

Currency: Currency: CFA franc

Area (total): Area (total): 1.25 million km 2

Population: Population: 18 million

Contact us

Tahirou Abdoulaye
Country Representative

  +223 93106776

IITA-Mali, ICRISAT Station Samanko, Bamako Mali
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