Mahuku, George

Senior Plant Pathologist for Easthern, Southern and Central Africa

Tel: +255 22 2700092
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Station: Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

Photo of George Mahuku
George Mahuku, from Zimbabwe, is the Senior Plant Pathologist for Eastern, Southern and Central Africa. George holds a BS degree in Agriculture from the University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe (1986), MSc degree in Plant Pathology/Virology from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA (1991), and a doctorate degree in Plant Pathology/Molecular Biology from the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada (1995).

Prior to his appointment, he was a Senior Scientist-Maize Pathologist for the Global Maize Program, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). He also served as a Senior Scientist-Plant Pathologist for the Bean Improvement Program, Centro International de Agricultural Tropical (CIAT) (1998 to 2007), and a Senior Research Fellow at the Crop and Livestock Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada (1997 to 1998).